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Our Work

Our Work

Over the course of 30 years and 5,000 jobs completed, we have become the true demo masters. Scroll down to view some of our example projects.

4,000 Sf

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Excavation and Grading

In early 2019 the hills of Hollywood had a new construction project that needed to be effectively excavated and graded before the construction could begin. The construction company hired us to excavate and grade the land, so we had to clear out trees, dirt, rocks, as well as any other structures that previously stood there, then make the land flat and even. But it wasn't so simple, because the entire job was on a hillside Hollywood cliff. However that wasn't a problem for us, two weeks and four days later, the land was fully excavated, graded, and the new construction could begin.

1,600 Sf

Residential Demolition

In June of 2020, we got a call from a married couple in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. They told us they wanted to remodel their entire house completely since it was old, ugly, and needed to be cleared out for remodeling. We sent someone immediately to view the site to give them a quote, and the job was now ours. Over the 4 day period we demolished the living room, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, kitchen, garage, and everything in between. 

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14,300 Sf

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Commercial Demolition

In the spring of 2021, a new flower would blossom. But instead of a flower it would be a 14,000 square foot warehouse located in the heart of Los Angeles. A new startup company needed to build a warehouse in a location where an abandoned warehouse was currently stationed at. The demolition team got prepared and we readied all the equipment to demolish a 14,300 square foot massive warehouse. About a week later, the warehouse was cleared out and ready for a new beginning.

3,400 Sf

Building Demolition, Foundation, and Concrete

In August of 2018, a construction company we are partners with, gave us a job to completely destroy an old house, set a new foundation, and lay concrete on the land. We arrived at the job with our massive equipment and began destroying the old house. Then we began creating the new foundation for the new house construction to begin. To finish it off, we added concrete for the paths, basketball court, and pool. After about a month, the building was gone, the foundation was set, and the concrete was dried.

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