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Commercial Demolition

What is Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolition is the process of using

high-grade equipment to clear out commercial structures such as office buildings, retail stores, medical centers, apartments, and much more. We provide all of the necessary services to complete a Commercial Demolition job with professionalism.

Who is qualified to preform Commercial Demolition?

As you probably guessed, Commercial Demolition jobs are usually much bigger than Residential Demolition jobs. Commercial Demolition requires a fleet of top quality equipment and a professional team to use them. 

Why choose us for Commercial Demolition?

The name "The Demo Master" does not come easily, but what makes us a master? By completing over 1,500 commercial jobs and being voted for the best demolition company in the Los Angeles area. We also have 70% of our team with 15+ years of experience, so you can be comfortable in professional hands.

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