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What is Excavation

Excavation requires the use of heavy machinery and explosives to dig up dirt, rocks, sand, earth, and other materials. Usually, excavation is used for structural foundation and evening land, but has many different applications that is used all around the world.

How long does an Excavation job take?

Like most other demolition services, excavation times range depending on the size of the job. Some jobs only take 4 days while bigger jobs can take upwards to a month. If you have a deadline that must be reached, contact us beforehand and we will try our best to comply.

Why choose us for Excavation?

The Demo Master has been voted in the Los Angeles area for the best excavation services. Over the course of 30 years, we have completed over 5,000 excavation projects and counting. We have not only seen, but done it all countless times.

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